DC Universe by Alan Moore

I truly enjoyed this collection of comics written by Alan Moore with the exception of the last three stories: Voodoo, Deathblow, and Wild C.A.T.S. This title made me realize that I truly am a fan of 80s comics. My favorite stories in this book included Vigilante and Superman, both rendering the traditional comic book color palette, deriving from primary colors. If the last three stories were cut out entirely, I'd give this a five out of five stars. Instead, I'll just pretend these stories don't exist - as hard as it is to forget about the top-heavy women parading around for men to control. Alan Moore is still my favorite comic book (excuse me, graphic novel) writer of all time and this is definitely worth reading. I'd like to suggest, however, that you first take a look at the author's best works Watchmen and V for Vendetta if you haven't already. Good stuff!