Give me all of the water.

I hate plastic water bottles. I feel like I take two sips and the water is gone. And once it’s gone, I have a bottle that takes up space in my recycling bin. I know, people have worse problems. After complaining for weeks about the water bottles consuming my life, my partner decided to shut me up and solve the problem.

Here it is, folks – a pump that will supply water without the water bottle. You’ll notice in the right-hand corner of the image that I still have a few bottles to kill.

Thank you, Amazon and wonderful partner, for solving one crime at a time.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m aware that there are water coolers out there, but 5 gallons is a bit much for this girl to carry and 2.5 gallons…that’s not enough.

If you share in this loathing of water bottles visit this link. It’ll restore order and bring happiness.